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Scholey - Upfold Family

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Location: Waratah and Mayfield, New South Wales

The Scholey and Upfold families are closely connected with the agricultural and industrial pioneering history of the Hunter Region, especially the local suburbs of Waratah and Mayfield.

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The Scholey and Upfold families are closely connected with the early history of the Hunter Region. Charles Upfold, for instance, is responsible for the establishment of the Sydney Soap and Candle Company Ltd North Waratah works (once located in what is now Mayfield East), and along with John Scholey, had various agricultural, smelting, coalmining and mineral interests in the wider Hunter Region. The earliest item dates from 1827, and the collection spans most of the 19th and early twentieth centuries forming an interesting and intimate look at the business interests of pioneering families of the Hunter Region. John Scholey was born in Leeds, England in 1840 and was the only son of Stephen Scholey. John arrived in Sydney New South Wales in 1854, presumably with his family, and spent his early years in Maitland. After a trip to England he returned and began a business in Newcastle in 1862. He married Anne Greaves in 1865 and had a family of seven daughters, Ann Greaves, Clara, Susan, Ada May, Agnes Eliza, Dora Spink and Jessie Greaves. Initially John Scholey followed in his father's footsteps as a butcher, but later became a land speculator and successful businessman. He acquired much property in the Newcastle and Maitland districts, and was proprietor of the Richmond Vale Colliery Estate at Kurri Kurri, and responsible for the syndicate which sunk the Colliery there in 1890. He served as alderman of Waratah Municipal Council for some years and was thrice elected Mayor beginning in 1883. He was Guarantor of the Waratah School of Arts and was responsible for the establishment of the Newcastle Gas Works in Waratah. He was also a member of the Newcastle Land Board and Director of the Newcastle & County Building Society. John Scholey founded the Newcastle suburb of Mayfield, which he had subdivided from his property and named it after his young daughter May. He was active in the Anglican Church being Church Warden of St Andrews, Mayfield, as well as Diocesan Warden of Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle, a member of the Church Property Committee and Diocesan Council and Lay Representative of the Synod. He died in Mayfield in 1908, aged 67 years and was buried in the Anglican Cemetery in Sandgate. Present at the funeral was his old friend Charles Upfold. Charles Upfold, pioneer manufacturer, was born in Walworth, Surry in 1834, and began his apprenticeship at 14 years of age as a soap and candle maker in the employ of John Knight's Factory at Wapping. He arrived in Australia in July 1860 and worked in the Apollo Soap Company in Victoria before coming to Newcastle in 1863. In 1864 he married Sarah Ann Temperance Blundell at St Mary's Church West Maitland, and together they had ten children. He began a soap making business in Wickham, which soon expanded to three factories trading under the name of the Great Northern Soap and Candle Factory. He eventually built a larger works, utilising the latest technology of the times, in North Waratah (now Mayfield East). This was known as the Sydney Soap and Candle Company Limited. His other interests included two ships, a copper smelting works and property known as the "Orange Grove" at Raymond Terrace, where he planted vineyards and citrus trees and devised chemical sprays for combating plant diseases and insect pests. He was awarded an Order of Merit award from the Department of Agriculture in 1891. Charles left Raymond Terrace in 1905, leaving his son Robert Upfold to continue the family business, but unfortunately he died in 1910. The company was then sold to Messrs. Kitchen & Sons. Charles Upfold died in 1919 aged 84 at Chatswood. Mrs Anne Scholey, widow of John Scholey died in 1931, aged 85. A major part of her estate went to her surviving daughters, Agnes Eliza Scholey, Clara Upfold, May Ellis, Susie Ritchie and Dora Bragg. Other beneficiaries included the Trustees of the St Andrew's Church of England Mayfield, The Church of England Hostel for Girls Darby Street Newcastle, St Nicholas' Church of England Mayfield, St Michael's Church of England Mayfield and her former employee, Mrs Southon of Mayfield East.
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